Our Work

Every website at Salt & Light Web Design is designed to showcase your business in a way that shows potential clients what your business truly is. We believe that every website should be uniquely designed for the needs of every business.


Victory Brinker

This website was a redesign of an existing website that was put together in a hurry by the client, and as a result, was lacking the professional feel that the client wanted. This client wanted a professional, sleek, and fun website for her daughter's website. The website includes links to several social media platforms, upcoming events, and a page where customers can shop merchandise.

The Victorian Lady of Academy Hill

This website was a redesign of an existing site that had not been updated in 15 years. The client wanted a bright and modern feel, while still keeping Victorian elements. The client had asked to add an ecommerce feature to the website so that she could sell product online. Within a couple days of going live, the client was receiving online orders through the site.


Outdoor Escapes Co.

This website was designed to advertise playground manufacturing, as well as being bright and welcoming with a teal and purple color scheme. I had designed the client a logo, optimized the site, and did the full website design in 2 weeks, per the client's request. The website is now bright, easy to use, and pulls bright colors in a professional way.

Fusco Home Remodeling

This website was designed for a client who wanted to start his own contracting company.  He wanted his website to be simple, easy-to-navigate, the option to request a quote, and a pop up quote when a user visits the website.  The client also requested a Facebook interface and heavy SEO.  Within a day of the website being published, the client had received 2 inquiries. 


Slippery Rock Baptist Camp

This website was designed to be fun, bright, welcoming, and easy to navigate.  The client did not have any specific requests for this website other than it would be easy to navigate and welcoming to a younger target audience.  What started out as a black and white website, has now been turned into a site that brings in new customers and is welcoming to everyone who views it.